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We Are Super Bock Group

Promoting a positive culture in the universe of Super Bock Group Employees is a permanent challenge.

This is how you build a Team where everyone is called on, where everyone can see themselves, and feel like they are an integral part.




Training Hours


  • Contribute to the Development of Employees

  • Promote a balance between work and personal life

  • Ensure proper working conditions


The Super Bock Group welcoming is based on the ‘Start Super’ onboarding process, a gaming tool that aims at enriching the immersion of new Employees in their new professional universe. In addition to the basic orientation for those taking their first steps in the company, this is a knowledge sharing moment throughout a long day visiting different points of sale and business units. A route to experience what it is like ‘To Be Super Bock Group’.

Regular and transparent dialogue between the Company and Employees is an endless investment.

Informed and committed people in line with the company’s strategy and culture and the business challenges make all the difference.

And leadership also comes through here.

The Super Bock Group invests in policies and instruments capable of attracting and retaining the best professionals. The remuneration policy aligned with the best market practices, the offering of competitive benefits, and the recognition of performance all translate to one certainty: People are our greatest asset.

We want to attract individuals who add value. Prioritizing merit, the experience of one, and the willingness to learn. Fostering internal mobility, business knowledge, training, the enhancement of skills, and teamwork.

From sustainability to education, through culture and associativism, we work closely with local communities with the goal of contributing to the improvement of people’s lives and maximizing inclusion and equality of opportunities. This is something that strengthens us as a team and as a company.